Sales, service and installation of all major refrigeration and air conditioning units

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Your smooth running business is our business. Every perishable food item has to be stored in a carefully monitored and cool environment. This refrigerated environment ensures the food to be served and eaten is at its prime quality with zero bacteria growth. K.L.Bulmer Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help your business maintain high quality standards required by the commercial industry.

With 5 licensed and experienced technicians, we are able to service, install, repair and remove all kinds of commercial refrigeration and cooling equipment. We are a local business in Nepean, Ontario and we understand the importance and cost of losing cooling equipment even if it is just for few hours. As K.L.Bulmer has been serving its customers in Nepean, Ontario we will be first and quick to respond to all kinds of commercial emergencies. Read More»

Commercial Air Conditioners

Any office building, storage area, restaurants, and various other commercial buildings have one thing in common- commercial air conditioning...

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Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators are one of the most important equipment of the modern industrial age. They allow for anything to be stored at...

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Commercial Ice Makers

Commercial ice makers work round the year for various food and other industries. These commercial ice makers see a significant peak in...

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